The BKD is an NDPB (non-departmental public body) that carries out its statutory duties by order of and under the supervision of the Dutch LNV Ministry (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality). We have a board that is assisted by both a sector council and two advisory committees (cultivation and trading). In addition, the director carries out the day-to-day management of the BKD. In cooperation with the Management Team he manages our 85 permanent and 30 flexible employees (namely our field, office and laboratory staff).

The board

The board consists of an independent chairperson and five board members, one of whom is independent too. The remaining board positions are divided between the KAVB (3) and Anthos (1). (Note: KAVB is the Royal Dutch General Bulb Growers’ Association and Anthos is the Royal Dutch Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs.) The chairperson chairs the board meetings.


Name: dhr. M-J. Terwindt
Job title: Boardmember
Organisation: Anthos

Name: dhr. J.H.M. Bond
Job title: Boardmember
Organisation: KAVB

Name: dhr. G. Menting
Job title: Boardmember
Organisation: KAVB

Name: dhr. F. Hulsebosch
Job title: Boardmember
Organisation: KAVB

Name: dhr. ir. K.J. van Ast
Job title: Chairman
Organisation: Independent

Name: dhr. J. Goebbels
Job title: Boardmember
Organisation: Unbound

The Management Team

The day-to-day management of the BKD is entrusted to the director. The Management Team (MT) consists of the director and five MT members.


Name: Bert Pinxterhuis
Job title: Director


Name: Frans Claassen
Job title: Head of Policy & IT


Name: Martine Steenbeek
Job title: Head of Laboratory


Name: Karen Gerding
Job title: Head of Inspections


Name: Astrid Hagedoorn
Job title: Head of Staff &


Name: Huub Fris
Job title: Head of Finance

The sector council

The sector council assists the board. The board is made up of members of the KAVB (T. van den Berg, D. Leenen, M. Oijevaar and advisor R. van der Hulst), Anthos (H. Glorie, R. van der Tang, R. de Vries and advisor H.J. Kloosterboer), Plantum (R. Vletter) and Glastuinbouw Nederland (J. van Ruijven). J.K. van Ast is both chairperson of the board and chairperson of the sector council. The sector council can advise – both upon request and on its own initiative – about cross-crop issues (provided that they come under the BKD’s inspection regime), on budgetary and rate-related issues and on the BKD’s service level. When it comes to other issues, the sector council only issues advice upon the board’s request.

The advisory committees on cultivation and trading

The KAVB is a specialist in all matters relating to cultivation, whereas Anthos’s field of expertise is that of trading. This is why these two organisations have provided members for a Cultivation advisory committee and a Trading advisory committee respectively, which committees naturally advise the BKD board on matters concerning their own specialist field.



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