The BKD is the only inspection service for one of the Netherlands’ most well-known export products, namely the flower bulb. In order to be able to carry out our inspections independently, trustworthy and efficiently, the BKD needs its specialists and other talented individuals to demonstrate ethical and professional skills.

Culture, Values and Working Atmosphere

The BKD is a non-departmental public body with a flat organisational structure. At the BKD, the working environment is positive, open and informal. Enthusiastic, level-headed and committed colleagues work in set teams in the field (inspectors), the office (on policy, planning, service etc.) and the laboratory.

In addition, colleagues from all the teams work together in project groups on such issues as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Knowledge Management, as well as on cross-BKD projects including the new facilities for our laboratory and making our registration systems (even more) innovative.

We set great store by collaboration, communication skills and acting on one’s own initiative. This is why we have a major focus on these areas in-house, including during the BKD Academy for new colleagues. In this way, we can work together to carry out our duties in a customer-focused, professional and ethical way, by working efficiently and effectively to deliver future-proof service provision. In order to ensure that we maintain our leading high level of quality, we are also investing in further developing the knowledge possessed by our staff, by means of training courses and programmes.

Our 93 permanent and 74 flexible staff are committed to the organisation, to the affiliated growers and traders and to each other. This is why we find it important to know our staff’s opinions. It is the reason why the BKD regularly carries out inspirational employee satisfaction surveys. We use information from these surveys to take specific action to (further) optimise job satisfaction. This is why we want to maintain and improve our average score of 7.6 (higher than our benchmark).

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Getting started at the BKD

Are you interested in working for the BKD? If so then you can view our vacancies here:

Are you looking for a high-quality and enjoyable internship post? If so then the BKD is an approved work placement company for Aequor, ECABO and PMLF. We have a range of internship opportunities for students of the Secondary Market Gardening School, the Agrarian University of Applied Sciences and the higher and secondary Laboratory Research courses. For more information, please contact our personnel department at



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