The planting samples

Growers are obliged by law to register lots with the BKD and to have them inspected by us. During the planting inspection, our qualified inspectors collect planting samples from the growers, which flower in our test greenhouses or test gardens.

In the test garden or test greenhouse, the samples can be inspected under ideal conditions. During this time, all aspects of the samples are assessed: species authenticity, viruses, mutations, phytosanitary defects and other anomalies.

A planting inspection is a quality inspection that in many cases (note that it is not always compulsory) plays an important role in determining the flower bulbs’ classification. The planting inspection results in a provisional classification that forms the basis for further inspections such as the field inspection. The planting inspection may also be a requirement of a country that the export shipment is being sent to.

Our test greenhouses

View photos of your batches in the relevant test greenhouse.



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