We are the BKD

Since 1923, the inspection of flower bulbs has been the core task of the foundation that is the BKD (the Bloembollenkeuringsdienst / the Flower Bulb Inspection Service). We perform this work for both quality defects and quarantine defects such as pathogens. We carry out quality inspections and import & export inspections on behalf of the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), as well as laboratory research.

The BKD supports market access by inspecting flower bulbs up to a leading level of quality and provides national and international guarantees for the quality of flower bulbs. We carry out these inspections independently, trustworthy and efficiently, which makes us an important link in the quality assurance chain for both the businesses themselves and for the flower-bulb sector as a whole.

The BKD is an NDPB (non-departmental public body) and carries out its statutory duties by order of and under the supervision of the Dutch LNV Ministry (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality).

Your link in the quality assurance chain

The BKD is your ‘link to quality’, i.e. your link in the quality assurance chain. Our integrity and our professional skills help to make the BKD the respectable and trusted partner within the bulb sector.

Our integrity and our professional skills help to make the BKD the respectable and trusted partner within the bulb sector. Our three core values of quality, integrity and reliability are deeply embedded within our organisation and serve as the starting point for everything we do. They represent our experience, expertise and professional skills in the field of flower-bulb inspection, as well as our independent and responsible attitude that is a prerequisite for the role we play as an authoritative body. They also stand for our commitment to the sector, which we are an integral part of.

Long term vision

In order to be ‘Your link in quality’ for all participants of the flower bulb trade chain, it is BKD’s first priority to deliver high-quality work that meets the wishes and needs of our clients. With well-trained and committed employees, we provide appropriate service and support. An efficient and correct registration, inspections by inspectors with excellent flower bulbexpertise, high-quality laboratory tests, professional supervision in export and help if there are any questions.

The wishes and needs of our clients change constantly, and BKD invests to respond adequately. For example, by the further digitalization of the flower bulb trade chain with LENA, a platform for creating and sending a digital delivery note. And in improving the Ketenregister (Chain Register). BKD also develops risk-based inspections for clients who themselves achieve a high level of quality assurance for their products. New tests are being developed in the laboratory, to broaden the range of services and facilitate growers to further improve the quality of their products. In order to realize all this, well-skilled BKD employees are essential. BKD therefore also invests in their knowledge and cooperation skills.

BKD is proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. With 100 years behind us, we are well aware that we must continuously work on our services in order to be ‘Your link in quality’ for a long time to come.


The BKD is working hard to carry out its duties with CSR (corporate social responsibility). Since 2014, we have been in possession of a self-declared CSR and in doing so are complying with the NEN-ISO 26000:2012 guideline.

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