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Please take note of the disclaimer below, which sets out the conditions for using those websites that are registered in the name of the BKD (the Bloembollenkeuringsdienst / the Flower Bulb Inspection Service).

Should you have any questions about the information on this website or the disclaimer then please get in touch with the BKD.


The BKD takes great care when putting together and maintaining this website. However, there is still a possibility that it may contain inaccurate information. The BKD is not liable for any harm (incl. losses and damage), in whichever form it occurs, that arises through the following for instance:

  • as the result of using the information on this website,
  • as the result of viruses or other harmful elements on this website,
  • harm caused to hardware and/or software as the result of using this website,
  • as the result of this website’s failure to temporarily or permanently function properly,
  • as the result of a delay in the provision of information via this website.

The BKD is not liable for harm, in whichever form it occurs, that arises from the following:

  • using websites or information sources that are not maintained by the BKD and which are referred to by – or that refer to – the BKD’s website, not even if the information provided on the websites referred to or the information sources originate(s) from the BKD’s website,
  • viruses or other harmful elements on these websites or in these information sources, or
  • harm to hardware and/or software as the result of using these websites or information sources.

Improper use

Any use of this website in a way that can detrimentally affect the information made available or the functioning of this website is prohibited.

Usage abroad

The information on this website is geared towards users of this website in the Netherlands. The party that uses the information on this website in countries that lie outside the Netherlands is obliged to comply with the legislation and regulations that apply in that country.

Electronic messages

The BKD cannot guarantee that e-mail messages or other electronic messages will be received and/or processed on time and accepts no liability for harm in whatever form that results from the failure to receive or process such messages on time or at all. The BKD is not liable for information and/or messages that are sent by users of this website.

Legislation & regulations

The BKD always endeavours to provide details of the most recent legislation and regulations on this website. Changes and/or amendments to legislation and regulations will be processed as soon as possible. Despite this, it may be the case that a publication is not entirely accurate and/or is outdated. The BKD accepts no liability for harm in whatever form that results from consulting any outdated legislation or regulations on this website. The government legislation and regulations stated on this website do not constitute publication within the meaning of the law. We recommend that you always consult the official government publications – including those of the LNV Ministry (the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) – that are published in the Staatsblad (Bulletin of Acts and Decrees) or Staatscourant (Government Gazette) in respect of national legislation and regulations.

When it comes to European regulations, please see the Official Journal of the European Union.

The Inspection Regulations as referred to in Article 10 of the LKW (Dutch Agricultural Quality Act) and the Implementing guidelines are published by the BKD by publishing them on its website.

In the event of any discrepancies between the text of legislation and regulations that is provided electronically and that which is provided in printed form, the text printed by the government (or in the case of the Inspection Regulations or the BKD’s implementing guidelines, by the BKD) prevails.


In early 2006, the BKD provided those parties who at that time were data subjects with a CD-ROM of relevant legislation and regulations. The various changes made to the legislation and regulations since then mean that this CD-ROM is no longer accurate. The BKD cannot be held liable for any harm in whatever form that results from using the CD-ROM referred to.

Changes & amendments

The BKD can change and amend information on this website without prior notice and is not liable for harm in whatever form that arises from these changes & amendments. The BKD is the only party permitted to make amendments on the website. The BKD reserves the right to end – for whatever reason – the complete or partial provision of this website or to restrict access to it.


The information on this website, both the text and visual material, is and remains the property of the BKD, unless stated otherwise. Copyright-protected works or other information made available on this website may only be disclosed, processed, duplicated or distributed if the BKD’s consent for this has already been obtained. Please submit your request in this regard to our webmaster. Consent is not needed for personal use that is not for a commercial purpose.

It is not permitted to create a link to the BKD’s website without the BKD’s prior written consent.

Applicable law

This website and the conditions for users are governed by Dutch law.

Trademarks & logos

The trademarks and logos used on this website are either the property of the BKD or else are used by the BKD with the relevant party’s consent. The trademark and the logo of the BKD must only be used by the BKD. Using the BKD trademark and logo or other trademarks and logos on this website without the prior written consent of the BKD or the other entitled parties is not permitted.



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